How to earn from Crypto – Top 3 Method

how to earn from Crypto? Recently I got many comments, In this article, we will cover everything about online earning.

The previous year I earned more than 20 lacs from the crypto market without any investment but how is this possible? I am a Youtuber and I promoted lots of investment applications and websites on YouTube through video, all videos were Paid in this way, Previous year I earned more than 20 lacs from the Crypto market.

How to earn from Crypto

For now, who doesn’t want to earn money online? The crypto market is too good market and also too big. You will get fluctuation every minute in the Crypto market if you want to earn money online without any investment then you need to create a Crypto related YouTube channel after that if your video works then you need to put your contact information on the YouTube channel about section, brands will directly contact you about paid promotion video you can charge $10 – $1000 for every video after that you can also earn from the referral program for more information please check out Google News.

How to earn from Crypto

While uploading your video, You should fill in Your invitation link in the description box if anyone signs and deposits through your link then you can earn Some extra commission.

If you want to earn money from the Crypto market with investment then it’s also good, You will many applications on the Play Store or App Store about Crypto trading. Binance is my personal recommendation for Crypto trading. You don’t do anything here, only purchase Crypto Currency with P2P When the market is down, You need to wait Once the market goes up then you can Sell your coin immediately and earn a profit. Before following this process, You should learn about Cryptocurrency Taxes.

How to earn from Crypto

Online Earning

You can earn money online with Several methods of affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube, online gaming, the Stock market, online course selling, content writing, Crypto trading, and lots of other things but today we will discuss what’s the best in this.

  1. Affiliate marketing – I think affiliate marketing good thing because you can earn money online from the referral program without any investment, You need only promote and sell company products or services through your referral link if anyone purchases or makes a deposit, immediately you will get your commission normally these Commissions are 10 to 30%.
  2. Blogging – Any YouTuber or blogger can earn money online with many methods of advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling his personal products.
  3. YouTube – With the help of YouTube, You can earn too much money if you have traffic on your content. YouTubers can earn money directly from YouTube monetization, Paid promotion videos, and Merchandise sales.
  4. Cryptocurrency – it is a very risky Platform but you can also earn too much money if you have some experience, I don’t want to recommend you to invest in the Crypto market if you don’t have a little experience in the Crypto market.

For now, you can earn approximately with all social media apps YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many others, If You have the skill then you can earn with all social media applications.

Binance and WazirX both are very popular Crypto Trading Platforms.


WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, In this application users can buy, sell, and trade in different digital currencies Bitcoin, USDT, TRX, Ethereum, BNB, and many others. WazirX provides a user-friendly experience and advanced-level trading features.


Binance is a very big cryptocurrency exchange platform. It was founded in 2017 and for now, this is the one of largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Binance provides a user-friendly trading experience and supports advanced trading features such as margin trading, feature trading, Spot trading, and many more.

How to earn from Crypto

If you have $1000 then you can earn approximately $100 per month from the Crypto market, You need only exchange your dollars in another currency because, in the Crypto market, the most stable coin is USDT compared to other coins I suggest you exchange your USDT coin in the other cryptocurrency such as TRX, APE, SUSHI, and others. When the market goes down You only need to exchange Your USDT Coin in the other cryptocurrency and when the market pumps You can exchange your coin again in the USDT coin, in this way, you can earn 100 dollars per month from the small investment.

How to earn from Crypto

How to earn from Crypto? This is our main topic…

As I explained to you before there are lots of ways to earn money online from Crypto and some of my favorites such as YouTube advertising, Binance exchange, and Crypto affiliate programs are the three best sources of Crypto earning. In the previous year, I crossed more than 20 lakh in earnings with the help of these three methods.

How to earn from Crypto? I got too many comments related to this question but I want to tell you something the Crypto market is a very risky platform so can’t press you to invest in the Crypto market but I can suggest to you How to earn from Crypto.


How to earn from Crypto? There are lots of ways to earn money online from the Crypto market such as affiliate marketing, YouTube advertising, brand promotion, cryptocurrency exchange, and many others but as I told you before the crypto market is a very risky platform so please don’t invest in this market without any experience otherwise definitely you will lose your funds.

I want to personally recommend you, make a YouTube channel, and upload Crypto related videos on your YouTube channel. If your videos work well then you don’t need to find or search in Google How to earn from Crypto because if your videos work well then the Crypto investment platform will directly contact you for video promotion and then you can charge for that video, in this way, you can earn lots of money from the Crypto market.

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