OxygenOS 14 Update – Device List, New Features

OxygenOS 14 Update Will be Release Soon For OnePlus Users in India Because in China OnePlus Will Provide ColorOS 14 Update.

In this article we Will Cover OxygenOS 14 Update Confirm Device List, New Features, How to Install OxygenOS 14 Update, and Should You Install OxygenOS 14 beta Update? Because OnePlus Will Provide OxygenOS 14 Beta Update First and Then Official Version.

OxygenOS 14 Update

First of all, ColorOS 14 will Release in China for Oppo and OnePlus Users, and then OxygenOS 14 Update Will Launch in India For OnePlus Users. One More Thing As I Told You Before in China OnePlus Will Provides ColorOS 14 Update for OnePlus Users, Maybe in India OnePlus Will Provide ColorOS Update also in the Future.

Android 14 Update

Android 14 beta 3 is now officially available for Google Pixel users, as you may know first of all Android Beta update or stable version will get official for Google Pixel users, and when the Android official version will release then Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo and other smartphones Can Provide latest Android version, So now Android 14 is in beta form and in September Android will release Android 14 official version and then after that oxygenOS14 Update Can Release.

Android 14 Beta and Official Schedule

OxygenOS 14 Device List

  • Oneplus 11
  • Oneplus 11R
  • Oneplus 10 Pro
  • Oneplus 10T
  • Oneplus 10R 5G
  • Oneplus 9
  • Oneplus 9 Pro
  • Oneplus 9R
  • OnePlus 9RT
  • Oneplus Nord 2T
  • Oneplus Nord CE 2 Lite
  • Oneplus Nord CE 3 Lite
  • Oneplus ACE Pro
  • Oneplus ACE Racing
  • OnePlus ACE

OxygenOS 14 not supported Device List

  • Oneplus 8
  • Oneplus 8 Pro
  • Oneplus 8T
  • Oneplus Nord 2
  • Oneplus Nord CE 2
  • Oneplus Nord SE 5G
  • Oneplus Nord N200 5G
  • Oneplus Nord N20 SE

These devices are expected to Get OxygenOS 14 it’s not Confirmed By OnePlus, For More Information Join My Telegram Group or Google News

ColorOS 14 Update For OnePlus in China

  • Oneplus 11
  • Oneplus ACE 2
  • Oneplus 10 Pro
  • Oneplus 9 Pro
  • Oneplus 9 RT
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus ACE
  • OnePlus ACE PRO

OxygenOS14 Features

  • Introduce new lock screen customization
  • Bring stock Android, media player
  • The material you support for more application
  • Introduce new themes in the Oneplus theme Store
  • Fix Autorotate toggle which goes to the opposite side when switched to landscape mode
  • Change the app Drawer layout and allow more than four application
  • Allow Notifications To be cleared from both the left and side
  • App Drawer Close with One Swipe Down
  • Bring the best gaming optimization
  • Separate lock screen and live wallpapers
  • Enhanced Privacy Protection

All Features Will Become in ColorOS 14 and Then OnePlus Will provide us OxygenOS 14 Update in OnePlus.

How to Install Beta Update

  • Open setting application
  • Scroll up and tap on About device
  • Select software update
  • Tap on the triple Dot in the top right corner
  • Select beta upgrade
  • Fill out the beta form with your email
  • Tap on the below apply button
  • Now you have successfully applied for a beta update
  • Your form will review if your form will be approved
  • You will get an update within 24 hours

Should Install Beta Update

In the Android 14 beta update, you will get Miner problems like battery problems, screen lagging, some applications not working, and miner other problems so I can’t recommend you should install OxygenOS 14 Update beta update, because this update is only for testing purposes, but if you will install Android 14 Beta Update in your device then in future you will get monthly security patch update and in that update, you will get Bug Fix update, in this way slowly-slowly you will become an Android 14 stable user and after installing Android 14 official version then you will never get any type of problem in Your Device.

OxygenOS 14 Update Release Date

September 2023 Android will release the Android 14 official versions and then last September OxygenOS will release also the fixed OxygenOS 14 launch event Date, and on That Launch Event OxygenOS Team will provide us the Android 14 compatible device list, New Features, and Some Other Things.

Conclusion:- OxygenOS 14 and Android 14 Beta Update will Provide From Last September 2023, and OxygenOS 14 Official Version will be available in January 2024. In the first week of September Android 14 Official Version will be available and then the OxygenOS team will fix a Launch event, that launch event they will provide us with OxygenOS 14 all information, including the devices list of new features, how to install Android 14 update and this way you can install OxygenOS 14 update in your device for more information follow us on my Telegram group or Google News.

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